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We say hello in 9 languages
NordicCall can answer your phone in 9 different languages.
We always answer with your company name and your preferred
greeting. You can choose to get a local phone number from
anywhere in the world.

Welcome to Nordic call

We specialise in providing personalised and competent virtual answering service. We are ready to take care of your phone calls when you or your employees are busy with other things.

When you forward your phone calls to NordicCall, your call will be answered by professional and competent operators, providing your customers with the personalised service they deserve.

Our call centres are based in Spain and Denmark and the system is designed on the latest innovations and specially developed to support our employees in providing the best customer service for you and your customers.We receive inquiries based on your business, with your company name so your customers can deliver important messages to our trained call handling operators without having to speak to an answering machine.

Our telephone answering service provides an ideal solution for busy companies, for when you attend meetings, seminars, courses or any other reasons your phone can not be answered.
If your receptionist is having difficulty answering all your calls or if you are tired of playing the receptionist yourself then let us look after your phone calls.

The answering service from Nordicc all provides you with the freedom to focus on other tasks. Our answering Services makes life easier for you, your colleagues and your customers.